October 2008

    Please see my blog for continuation of my reports on new paintings and experiments I'm doing. I've still got the wax paper bit on the agenda but had a couple ideas I just had to try out now and finish up on another project that I started at the SWMWS demonstration I did a couple weeks ago.

August 2008
    Currently I'm working on developing textural effects by putting wax paper into wet gesso (and/or acrylic paint) and then allowing  dark, inks of much less viscosity to move in the layer between the wax paper and the gesso/paint.  Some inks will also do this without any paper when dropped into wet gesso. However, that often produces an entirely different effect which is a little more predictable.  When I'm able to get my galleries or blog open I will post some results there.
    Different papers and films (plastic food film, zB) each behave differently and produce different patterns. The wax paper, however produces the most varied patterns with reliable results.
    As a result of this work, I've also found that painting on wax paper that has glued itself to gesso also produces interesting effects.  I still have many different ways to explore using this technique. I'll report on this as soon as I get a consistent  result.

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