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Paint-In on Mackinac Island

A group of artists meet annually–recently on Mackinac Island for a week of painting and networking. Great to see friends again this past week.  The weather was typical for this time of the year. We did have a couple days of clouds and rain one day, but that just allows for more painting time.  The day tourists are increasing now, and it’s so interesting watching them. One of the ladies in our group  does this–goes out and sketches people and street scenes.  There is a wide variety of work displayed amongst all the artists in the group.  It’s held at  the Murray Hotel. It  is a great venue for this–close to everything and a beautiful studio room downstairs, and painting available 24 hrs a day if you want.

Here are a few photos of our week as well as a couple of paintings I worked on that are finally coming to fruition. They have lain in my file drawer for at least a couple years. Click on image to open the rest in this gallery.