Another Finish

I’ve been trying to reduce the number of started paintings that have good potential, and this is one that I started at a summer workshop. The composition just didn’t seem right. So I added another dot of orange paint and cropped the length a little.  I like it now. 

It was done with three colors–two analogous and one opposite.  A dark and light blue along with the orange, all sing together.

I notice some deterioration of the image from rubbing against other papers in the flat file. These images need a varnish protection before storing to prevent this from happening. (See Post of October 3, 2012 for initial photo–) Continue reading Another Finish

Finished Mixed Media Collage Piece

After a little rearranging and getting all the pieces tacked down, I put a heavy coat of varnish (satin) on it, it’s ready for display. I’ve called it “Lord Christopher Darnsworthington, VIII.  Google didn’t have any name like that listed, and it’s sort of whimsical, but appropriate for this fellow dressed in all his finery.

The list of materials used is quite long too. Most are fluid acrylic paint and various types of plastic, cotton, paper and cake decorations.   Wish him well on his journey!  🙂

Collector in Chief

I am a collector–can’t throw anything away. Even blobs of dry paint that I’ve peeled off the bottom of a plastic cup . Even cracked pieces of watercolor paint occasionally come in handy in painting. But they especially come in handy when doing mixed media collage. A small dot of red paint makes a great eye, and stringy pieces make hair, etc.  Gray paints make great scales. Most of them after they are thoroughly cured can be easily stored in a small container. They appear to stick together, but easily come apart.

Here’s a part of my collection of acrylic paints. Don’t hesitate to save them. Leave they out in the air separated for a week or so, and then they will be fully cured and will easily peel apart when stored together.