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Demo at SWMWS meeting

At our regular October meeting of the Southwest Michigan Watercolor Society in Battle Creek this past Monday, the 1st of October,  I talked and gave a demo of acrylic pouring with media to dilute the acrylic paint and create cells using silicone. I used my usual Blick Acrylic fluid paints and PaintEasy. Also tried some old Lucas Acrylic paint that I had.  Some of it seemed to coagulate when I added RainX to it.  Did a couple of dirty pours and swipe pour. on a new material that Joanna Learner had brought–seems like a thick Yupo. Unfortunately it was not flat, so though the pour had great cells, a lot of them ran off afterwards.

Here’s the pics of the pours:

Swipe Pour-About 12×12. Notice how the cells are all run off all the sides. The few in the center have stayed the same.
This is the second pour I did–it’s on an 8″ tile and I was able to lay it perfectly flat. Will be interesting next month when we meet again what has happened to them.



Finished a smaller piece yesterday. Again, this one has had not quite nine lives. But, each layer I’ve added adds to the whole.  This one has had water soluble embroidery stabilizer applied over a couple of failed layers.  I really will take some pictures of that process and explain it in a future post. Just don’t have the proper documentation right now.

Here’s the piece–I’m calling it “Pollination.”  Some of the previous layers show through–only  if you know what those previous layers were.

Multi layered piece 14×11″