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Demo at SWMWS meeting

At our regular October meeting of the Southwest Michigan Watercolor Society in Battle Creek this past Monday, the 1st of October,  I talked and gave a demo of acrylic pouring with media to dilute the acrylic paint and create cells using silicone. I used my usual Blick Acrylic fluid paints and PaintEasy. Also tried some old Lucas Acrylic paint that I had.  Some of it seemed to coagulate when I added RainX to it.  Did a couple of dirty pours and swipe pour. on a new material that Joanna Learner had brought–seems like a thick Yupo. Unfortunately it was not flat, so though the pour had great cells, a lot of them ran off afterwards.

Here’s the pics of the pours:

Swipe Pour-About 12×12. Notice how the cells are all run off all the sides. The few in the center have stayed the same.
This is the second pour I did–it’s on an 8″ tile and I was able to lay it perfectly flat. Will be interesting next month when we meet again what has happened to them.