Entry in ISEA This Year

TFinally decided to enter this year at the last minute.  (Originally thought I wouldn’t enter because the show is in Canada [St. Albert] and the shipping would be prohibitive.)  But, we needed entries, and this would be my 6th acceptance I think. And now, with the advent of the Novel Coronavirus, essentially shutting down everything around the world, the open gallery showing of the acceptances is in doubt.  Sounds like a great place to visit in late August.

img - rising up

                                                   Rising Up From Ashes

This is an interesting painting from a couple aspects–one it’s done on aluminum flashing, I purchased on a whim at Home Depot. I’d heard about painting on alternative surfaces, so thought I’d try it. Certainly is a stable ground to work on. Then it has a layer of Water Soluble Embroidery Stabilizer, which allows you to paint as if two separate layers on top of each other, sort of like using layers to blend images or parts of images in photo editing. But unlike photo editing each layer is modified by the stabilizer, depending on how wet the layers are when applied. Not a known and precise outcome, which makes it so much fun to work with, and so many possibilities.

Will be interesting if it’s accepted.

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