Additional photos of ISEA

Have another picture–this one of the Fire & Water Gallery in Lowell, where we visited one afternoon. It's a cooperative gallery, privately owned apparently. Much art work there, with the walls covered floor to ceiling. They had yummy snacks there too.
This is the Fire & Water Gallery in Lowell that we visited one afternoon.
This is Helga with her daughter, Heidi and grand daughter, Tara at the awards/reception on the third. Helga won first place in the show. Unfortunately there is a lot of reflection on Helga's painting (just above her head) making it difficult. There's another picture of it on her website: here.
This is my painting hanging in the show.

2 thoughts on “Additional photos of ISEA”

  1. Dear Mr. Merle,

    Greetings of the Day..!

    Well, i am a stranger for you but after having a look of all of your paintings,i would like to say that ur a bit diffrent fr others..! even ur retired fr ur services but there is a unique artist inside you who is finding the "Perfection" continously..! your paintings can inspire the other artists..
    i would only say best of luck for all ur creations & hope you get heights in ur noble deed.., get d height in d world of art..!

    Thanks & Regards,
    Bharat singh bisht

  2. Thank you very much Bharat singh bisht for your kind words. Do you do any painting? Thanks, again. 🙂

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