My Art Show in Charlevoix

I haven't done much painting recently, but still doing a lot about art. Right now, through the end of October, I have a one man show hanging at the Charlevoix Public Library. It's a beautiful, large library (for a community of only about 4000 people).

My paintings were hung in the foyer of the Community Room (in the left hand wing) on this picture, by Vince Chew–The Expert. What a beautiful hanging and perfectly placed. Here he is working, and followed by a couple other images of how they are starting to look.

There are spotlights above and when the sun was low or in the evening they made a very impressive viewing. Sometimes with the sun coming in the windows they were not as effective.

The reception on Sunday afternoon (100912) was a great success with many old friends showing up. Several artists also came. Indeed a very fun time.

9 thoughts on “My Art Show in Charlevoix”

  1. Wow, they look great hanging there! I can imagine that with the spots focusing light on them in the evening it would look amazing!

  2. Wow!! All those are yours? :up:
    I am limited to abstract :(, am not really good at it, i took photo of them in my album Self Expression.

    Nice work. :up:

  3. Thanks Rachel. Yes, those are all mine–and only a portion of my work. Many are not matted and framed yet. 🙂

    Thanks Saranayrose. 🙂 You can see better pictures of some of them in my album on watercolors and art. It's called Art – Watermedia.

  4. thanks my friend, yeah I've seen them and really wonderful pieces of art! Are you a generation of artists?:up:

  5. Thank you for your kind comments, Saranayrose.

    Originally posted by saranayrose:

    Are you a generation of artists?

    Well, not really. I just started painting when I retired a few years ago. Prior to that I had been doing photography for many years, starting when I was an early teenager.

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