New Painting in Progress

This piece of paper was used for testing some techniques and had this interesting pattern on it, so I added some acrylic paint, the other day, and it's starting to look like something, but still needs lots of work. I show it at this stage to show the use of very thin auto paint striping tape, which I showed in my daily photos here

Any comments are greatly appreciated.

10 thoughts on “New Painting in Progress”

  1. wow …
    the top left portion when I saw it with out reading your post, thought that it was a real lake water picture.
    really nice :up:

  2. Originally posted by Blackcalla:

    I'll be posting follow-up photos of it as I progress with it.

    will be looking forward to it !! :up:

  3. pokazane życie -linie się układają -1 etap to co było już jest zamknięte (jakieś bardzo poważne sprawy)
    2-etap ta sama droga idzie dalej jest i druga –to chyba czyjeś życie się ułożyło 🙂

  4. The lines are not representative of anything or anybody. They are hardly visible in the further stage of painting. 🙂

  5. Thank you camaroma. That's the aim of my paintings–to involve the viewer and make him think about what he's seeing. 🙂

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