Dogs In Blue Exercise in Composition

This piece is about 22×28 cm. done in fluid acrylics. I did it sort of an exercise in composition. Started with the darker blue, and then added other shades and created a center of interest with smaller and more contrasting shapes. When I looked at it after it was dry I could see dog faces in several areas. It's next on the list to get matted and framed.

5 thoughts on “Dogs In Blue Exercise in Composition”

  1. It's very beautiful, Merle – although I have not yet made out any dogs! 😀

    Lovely use of color and form.

  2. Thanks Richard! 🙂 Well, a couple are a real stretch of imagination. But the one prominent head in a light blue in the upper left. You have to disconnect it from the rest of that blue, which doesn't look like anything. 🙂

  3. Ah, time to see some art :happy: I unfortunately read the title and therefore keep seeing dogs 😀 At least two of them are very easy to spot. But I wonder what I would have seen if not read the title :sherlock:

    By the way, I love this painting! :up:

  4. Thank you Sami. Appreciate your comments, always. Dogs are what struck me after I had done the painting. It started as a simple exercise, with no plan at all. But, I really like the colors and the forms that are not dog like too. 😀

  5. Very nice. I always find monochrome paintings the hardest to do.
    It's always a challenge to create contrast and movement and make it interesting.

    But no dogs for me………
    Upper left dog looks more like a reptile to me.
    Guess I am not a dog person. :cat:

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