Dealing with Paintings That “Don’t Make It.”


Every artist has lots of paintings that just don’t seem to be good enough for show/sale, and the only thing that can help is totally reworking them–gesso over the painting and start afresh. Helga Flower has introduced a new way of re-working them. Cut them up into pieces and arrange them on a backing and adding something to hold them together. Here’s my first attempt at this process.

4 thoughts on “Dealing with Paintings That “Don’t Make It.””

  1. Originally posted by samoht1:

    Interesting recycling, Merle

    Thanks Thomas. 🙂 Yes, I sort of like it. This photo isn't quite up to snuff though–took it in my studio on the table, so lots of distortion. Will get a better shot of it in natural light.

  2. Thanks Sami. I've got several more ideas for others. Will be working on them in the next week or so. 🙂

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