Final Decision on Entry for this year’s ISEA.

I've been looking over and evaluating several paintings that I've recently done, and this one "Where Paths Cross" has won out. It was started several years ago as a demonstration for a monthly meeting of the Southwest Michigan Watercolor Society meeting. I set it aside for a year or more–just occasionally looking at it. Then started slowly adding to it, and finally finished it this early Spring. Several people have seen it and liked it, so I've entered it in the competition for this year's show.
—————————— "Where Paths Cross" – 24×18" Acrylic on Yupo————————-

10 thoughts on “Final Decision on Entry for this year’s ISEA.”

  1. Good decision :hat: I love those colors and texture! :happy:

    EDIT: Sari says she could put that on our wall, which means 'very highly approved' :up:

  2. Thank you very much Jill. 🙂

    Thanks Sami. 🙂 Appreciate the double approval–hope it gets in. I'll of course post the results of the jurying.

  3. Thanks Sami. 🙂 We were away for a family reunion, and then it took me a week to catch up after we got back.

  4. Originally posted by Blackcalla:

    it took me a week to catch up after we got back.

    It certainly takes time 😀

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