Mini Pour Workshop

Yesterday was another workshop on Acrylic pouring techniques. We started in the morning with 8″ tiles. I did a quick demo using a previously used wood panel. Then I prepared full cups of five paints–white, black, red, yellow and blue.  Diluted them with water and PaintEasy, added some silicone, but ran out, so I used some RainX I had.

This is after it had dried some, but still has a long way to go. Can change a lot.

I did the pour on a sheet of Yupo  (26×20″ ) supported on a 3/4″ insulation board. Amazingly this stayed flat during the drying process. I put it out in the sun in the afternoon,  but didn’t have it perfectly level, so had a little running before it stabilized.  It is still beautiful, especially if you like bright saturated color. Later I tried a pour using some of the same colors   but added some metallic bronze as the predominant color, on a 1/2″ Foamcore board.  Remind me not to use them again.  Within a couple hours it wa shaped like a bowl and the metallic paint seemed to want to turn to mud. Boo hiss!!!!

Here’s a couple of the student pours.

One of Carrie’s pours. She did three others in the same color scheme.
One of Linda’s Pours
She used an unconventional approach. After failure of her first pour on this tile (mud), she poured some pure colors on top, and then heated it. What a nice tile she has–surprised us all.



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