Caricatures by Watercolor Artist


Monday night (4th) was the Southwest Michigan Watercolor Society’s monthly meeting. Our guest presenter was Dan Smith. He is an excellent watercolorist and landscape painter, but has in the last couple years turned to doing caricatures–more lucrative. And, since I know him from other places, he picked on me for one if his demos.
This is the result.

He also does portraits from photos as well as live sittings.

9 thoughts on “Caricatures by Watercolor Artist”

  1. Excellent watercolor technique I must say :sherlock: At least for an amateur like me it looks great. It looks like some graphical pen used for black lines.

  2. Originally posted by serola:

    It looks like some graphical pen used for black line

    Yes, I think he uses Copic pens–this one has a soft brush like tip that can draw a varied width of the line, depending on the pressure exerted. Some are thick and others thin–all with the same pen. Pitt makes a similar brush pen. (They're made in Germany). 🙂

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