Final or near-final on Medicine Man

Here's the latest images of my piece that was shown in the last post. There are some subtle changes, and the color and contrast is very close to what it is on the painting. Photographing very dark paintings like this is very difficult, and especially so because there is some shininess to the surface of the paint. Evenness of lighting is most important.

4 thoughts on “Final or near-final on Medicine Man”

  1. Thanks for your interesting comment, Sami. 🙂 No, there are at least three changes–two are major. Notice the changes in the right lower quadrant. Also notice the change in the middle and lower third on the left. Then there are lots of little changes scattered around, which are not very noticable, but change the appearance in those areas where I've made some marks. 🙂

  2. I like your enhancements, Merle. The picture is breathing more with the addition of more highlights and less monochromatic background. The textural changes in the right lower quadrant have the greatest influence despite their subtlety. Fascinating how such a slight change has such an impact. Well done! :yes::yes:

  3. Thank you very much Richard for your remarks. I agree totally with you on how slight changes make a great impact on a painting. 🙂

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